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Indie Design Gift Along 2014

I know i’ve been bad about posting regularly on here, but there’s a good reason! I’ve been preparing for the Indie Design Gift Along on Ravelry!! <– that’s a link to the Ravelry group. You should go check it out now. It’s ok, I’ll wait.


Ok, you’re back now, and you realize how fantastically awesome this is going to be?!

(for those of you silly people who didn’t go check it out, here’s a brief rundown)

Do you know what that means?! That means almost 300 designers are having a massive sale together! That’s 3,822 patterns that are on sale. And then, as if that weren’t enough, we get to all have a massive knit along/crochet along to make christmas gifts together!

So. Much. Happy.

Must knit All. The. Things.

*sigh* I know I won’t be able to make all the things, but guess what? I get to include my designs in the sale!! You know how I said i’ve had a good reason for being AWOL? Check out the new patterns I was getting tested and published:

BWIS KPSIS Whalecowledited_small2

These are (from left to right): Black Walnut Infinity Scarf, Karen: A Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf, and A Whale of A Cowl

(aka examples of how my photography skills have improved *facepalm*) These patterns and more will be part of the sale (that starts in just 2.5 hours, at 8 pm EST – I’m so excited!! There’s a countdown clock here, I keep looking at it!)

So, what can you expect from me through the end of the year? Interviews with designers, project photos, me squealing with joy when someone has interviewed me and I feel like the most legit designer ever, and just generally a lot of yarn-y goodness!


p.s – like my new logo?!


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A Whale of a Cowl


I’m very pleased to announce that “A Whale of A Cowl” Is now live on Ravelry, and available for download!

{Link to Ravelry Pattern Page}

I’m quite pleased with this one – it comes in sizes all the way from the little 23″ cowl you see pictured, to a whopping 68″

“whale of a cowl” hehe. Get it? It’s the sister pattern to “A Whale of a Scarf,” which I published a couple years ago.

It’s been fully test knit, and i’m loving making it myself – I’ve already made two, and will likely be making more soon! I made the second to smallest version in about 1 day, so it really is a quick project!

I was going to post pictures of my WIPs, but my camera decided to die while I was outside taking a million pictures of my little guy watching a lawn mower. You’ll see pictures. It’s adorable. I couldn’t help myself.

Here’s the WIP status right now: (remember my handy dandy spreadsheet? I can’t find it on my computer! ahhhh!)

  • Giraffe Mittens: Need to weave in ends on one mitten, and photograph the pair (see aforementioned camera issue)
  • Galilee Slippers & Juliet Mitts for a friend: Not yet started. Supposed to give them to her Saturday, 10/11. Right.
  • Urban Jungle Slouchy for mom’s b-day: b-day is tomorrow, “party” on sunday. I’ve started the brim of the hat.
  • TARDIS blanket: supposed to cast on this week. Likely not happening yet.
  • Design project. That’s all i’m telling you.
  • Second Design project. Also that’s all i’m telling you. Secrets will be unveiled in the future.. {mysterious music}
  • Silk and Lace drawstring bag: side 1 totally complete. Side 2 75% complete.. then I ran out of thread. More is on order.
  • Cotton Flowery Cruise Purse: Outside totally done. Flowers in the works. Need to sew in lining.

Whew. This is only like 10% of what i’m planning on making/working on, but it’ll do for now!

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Say that with a British accent, please, as that’s how it sounded in my head when I wrote it!

I’m the kind of person who likes to have checklists, spreadsheets of projects, and timelines for what i’m working on. I guess you could say that makes me a nerd, but I like to have everything i’m going to be working on laid out, especially if I have multiple large projects going on. Want to see what my current timetable looks like? (it’s totally unreasonable, and is in the process of being revised..)

Current Timetable

So, this is my brain. It’s not perfect, but it’s a start! These are all intended to be finished before Christmas (there’s actually a couple small items missing here, but that’s because they’re small, and can be worked in 1-2 days each, such as stuffed animals, mug cozies, phone cases, etc).


Highlights for right now:

Remember the HPKCHC group on Ravelry? They’re super good for inspiring me to keep deadlines, by offering imaginary points for finishing projects 🙂

For the next two days, i’m finishing a colorwork mitten test knit, which shall be revealed.. eh, probably Wednesday or Thursday – once I get all the ends woven in.

Am I the only one who makes spreadsheets? My favorite part is going to be highlighting/filling in the cells once I accomplish these projects!

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New Free Knitting Pattern: Mitts for Romeo!



Waiting outside all night for your love to sneak out on a balcony can be cold business! These thick wool mitts will keep you warm, whether you’re waiting outside for your love, or just loving the fact that it’s now Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere! They knit up quickly, and would make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones!


  • 90-100 yds super bulky yarn – I made mine with Paton’s Colorwul.
  • 1 set of US 10.5 DPNs
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
  • Stitch markers

Stitches and Abbreviations:

  • K – Knit
  • P – Purl
  • St – Stitch
  • M1R – insert left needle from back to front into the space below the current two live stitches. Knit this loop.
  • M1L – insert left needle from front to back into the space below the current two live stitches. Knit this loop through the back loop.
  • Bind off Purlwise: Purl the first two stitches together. Slip the new stitch from your right needle back to the left one. Repeat.

Gauge: 15 stitches/20 rounds = 4″ (10cm) in stockinette stitch

This pattern features garter stitch cuffs, and is is the companion pattern to my Juliet Mitts, found here:

This pattern is written for two sizes: a Women’s Small/Medium, and a Women’s Medium/Large, which also fits a Men’s Small/Medium. Instructions for the larger size will be in parentheses. Where there is only one set of instructions, they apply to both sizes.

Left Hand:
Using a cabled cast on, Cast on 20 (24) stitches.
Place beginning of round marker, and beginning with a purl round, work 9 rounds of garter stitch
Next round: (K5, M1) around – 4 sts increased, for 24 (28) total sts.
Next 9 (11) rounds: knit every stitch


Thumb Gusset:
Increase Round: k9 (11), place marker, M1R, k1, M1L, place marker k14 (16) – 26 (30) total sts
Next round: Knit all stitches, slipping markers as you go
*Increase Round: k9 (11), M1R, knit to next Marker, M1L, k14 (16) – 28 (32) total sts
Next Round: Knit all stitches, slipping markers as you go*

Repeat rounds from * to * until you have a total of 7 (9) stitches between your markers, ending with an even knit round.

Next Round: k9 (11), slip all stitches between markers onto waste yarn, remove markers, cast on 1 stitch with the backward loop method onto the right needle, k14 (16)

Next 7 Rounds: Knit all stitches

Beginning with a purl round, knit the next 8 rounds in garter stitch (4 ridges made, ending with a knit round)

Cast off purlwise


Right Hand:

Work as for left hand, but reverse the thumb placement in this manner: k14 (16) sts, place marker, M1R, k1, M1L, place marker, k9 (11).

Continue to increase every other round, but begin each round with k14 (16), and end with k9 (11).
Next Round: k14 (16), slip all stitches between markers onto waste yarn, remove markers, cast on 1 stitch with the backward loop method onto the right needle, k9 (11).
Next 7 Rounds: Knit all stitches
Beginning with a purl round, knit the next 8 rounds in garter stitch (4 ridges made, ending with a knit round)

Cast off purlwise


Thumb (Both Hands):

Move all 7 (9) held thumb stitches from waste yarn on to DPNs
Round 1: Knit all stitches, picking up 3 stitches over cast on gap to close the thumb hole. 10 (12) total sts.
Round 2: k6 (8), k2tog, k1, ssk (this ssk is worked over the last stitch from this round, and the first stitch of the next round. Beginning of round moves one stitch to the left. 8 (10) total thumb stitches
Rounds 3 and 4: Knit all stitches around
Round 5: Purl all stitches.

Bind off



Terms of Use

Finished items may be sold from my patterns, of course, as they are your work. Please credit me as the designer in your listing and provide a link back to My Web Site in your listing if you are selling online, or credit me on your physical tag if not selling online.

Standard copyright restrictions still apply to the pattern itself. Please do not sell, distribute, copy and paste the pattern itself to other websites, or otherwise reproduce my patterns or any of their charts or images without written permission – we call that stealing. Also, please do not alter parts of my pattern and then claim it as your own – this is still stealing. There’s no such thing as a 10% rule.

Use of this pattern indicates agreement to these terms

Thank you for supporting me as a work at home mom!

(c) 2014 Ruth Brasch, Brasch Elegance



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New free pattern coming soon

It’s fall! Well, sort of. I’m so excited for knit and crocheted accessories! I’m working on a bulky mitt recipe/pattern and just had to share my progress! I’m using patons colorwul, and I adore it. I’ve never used it before, but it is my new favorite mitt/mitten making yarn!


Sorry for the fuzzy phone pic- I’ll take good ones when they’re done, promise!

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I’m very pleased to announce that I’m actually making progress on the tote of projects I posted about a couple days ago!

Remember this? My Sock Yarn Blankie?


It has 18 new squares! I haven’t counted yet, but i’m probably going to need about 30 more before it’s completely finished, and will also be doing the i-cord edging, but 18 in a couple days is pretty significant for something I haven’t worked on in years!

Here’s a couple of the new lovelies:

wpid-imag1361.jpg  wpid-imag1363.jpg

Can you spot them? I’m using a bunch of mini-skeins from Ravelry swaps, and it’s turning out quite nicely, I think. I’m just wanting to finish this one for now (you’ll find out why in a week or so..), but i’m thinking if I did one again, I’d probably just buy a bunch of mini skein grab bags off of Etsy, or something like that. I have a bunch of fingering weight yarn, but a lot of it is solid, and in large quantities, which really doesn’t lend itself to this project!


Also on my list for this week is adding more products to my Etsy shop. I’ve gotten really bad about that, because i’ve MADE a ton of things, but haven’t added them all to the shop. Hopefully I can add one or two per day, and get everything listed this week!

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Projects, projects everywhere…

One of my goals for this year has been to cut down on the number of active projects that I have going at the same time. I’m great at starting projects, but i’m really not so great at finishing them. In light of that [not so surprising] revelation, yesterday was spent frogging old projects that had been sitting in a plastic tote for almost 3  years (literally – 3 years!), and finishing up one blanket that I made the squares for while still in high school. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a “before” picture of the tote, but you can use your imagination. This is all that was left after the frogging and blanket assembling:

wpid-imag1329.jpgNice mostly empty bucket with reclaimed yarn, yes? A couple projects did end up getting tossed, due to the fact that I think moths might have been at them, and it just wasn’t worth it to risk my stash!


Here’s the blanket that I assembled last night – my taste in colors and design has obviously changed since high school, as you will see as we start to look at my current projects!! (get ready for lots of pictures!)

In the spirit of trying to finish up projects that have already been started, I re-filled the tote (the one I had just emptied) with projects (I took pictures first!) and have decided that I am going to knit/crochet only from that tote until it is empty, and then fill it again. It includes mostly already started projects, with yarn for one new one, and once I get the supplies for one commission project, that will be in the tote as well. My hope is that this will give me motivation to get rid of my old projects, either by finishing or frogging – it forces a decision. So, without further ado, here are the projects in my tote! I hope that I will be able to post finished pictures very soon!

wpid-imag1321.jpg  wpid-imag1331.jpg  wpid-imag1345.jpg wpid-imag1353.jpg  wpid-imag1341.jpg

These five are my blanket projects they are (from Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

The Sock Yarn Blankie, by Shelly Kang (started in May of 2010), Owl Obsession, by Marken of the Hat & I, (Started April 2014), a scrappy blanket of five strands held together knit on US 50s that I have no pattern for, because i’m just making it up as I go along! A Purple Crocheted Lace Baby Blanket, by Baby Dear (Which I so believed I wasn’t going to finish, I deleted it from my project page on ravelry!, and a square for an ongoing test that i’m participating in, so the pattern is not yet published.

wpid-imag1333.jpg  wpid-imag1334.jpg

These Two are my Mitten/Gl0ve projects:

Ringwood gloves, by Rebecca Blair, (started who knows when..), and a KnitPicks kit: Woodland Winter Mits (Started on my honeymoon.. December 2011!)

wpid-imag1338.jpg wpid-imag1344.jpg

Sweater Projects! The Rose Trellis Shawl Vest by Vera Sanon (to be started soon – and will actually be for me!!), and another KnitPicks Kit – The Corrie Fair Isle Vest (Started while I was still in high school – I’ve never gotten up the courage to steek it! Hopefully this filling a tote thing will force me to..)

  wpid-imag1346.jpg  wpid-imag1360.jpg

A couple random projects: Dragon, by Stacey Trock and Norma’s Bag (Pattern is my own – modeled after a picture I saw, but the pattern is no longer available, so i’m making it up as I go along!)

 wpid-imag1349.jpg  wpid-imag1358.jpg

Feet! A Slightly adapted version of DROPS 150-4: Little Red Riding Slippers and a pair of Galilee Slippers, by Tara Murray


Last, but not least, projects that only need ends woven in, or blocking.

Hemlock Ring Blanket, by Jared Flood (Which is such a pain to block, but so pretty when it’s done.. I just really, REALLY hate blocking this pattern. I made two of them before blocking one. If I had waited to block the first one before making the second, i’d have never made a second one!)  A Brunello Cardigan,  by Amy Swanson, (This has been done for.. at least 3 years? Only requiring ends woven in and blocking. Such a slacker..), That thing that looks like unicorn vomit is a Lafayette Shawl, by Julie Farmer, and just the TARDIS portion of Bigger on the Inside by Kate Atherly, because I really wanted a TARDIS scarf, but not a shawl..

Keep in mind!! These are NOT (I repeat, NOT) all of the projects i’ve started – just the ones i’m actively trying to finish in the near future! Phew!

How many projects do you all have going on right now?

Have you ever been a monogamous knitter? (If so.. teach me?!)


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I’m finishing up my PhD!!

No, really, i’m finishing my PHD!

my Projects Half Done!!


There will be pictures soon, I promise! I have soooo many projects i’m in the midst of, you wouldn’t even believe it! Ready for my list (because i’m totally a list person…) I’ll link patterns when I can, but some of these are either my own pattern, or i’m test knitting for someone, so the pattern’s not up yet!

This is me:


1. Squirrel’s Paradise Lace Baby Blanket Test Knit – Finish cabled i-cord bind off over 650 (ish) stitches!

2. Crocheted princess hat with braids and crown – add braids, make crown, ship to customer!

3. Doctor Who double knit blanket squares (5) – Start… make… finish.

4. Samantha, the big Fluffy Teddy Bear – Make Legs, attach appendages, give to Sister in Law – this pattern is a mix of two: Sam and Jif

5. My orange Wool of the Andes Spinning Project (as seen in the post below this! Ravelry Link for those interested)

6. A Pink Mesh Cotton Beach Bag – Make and add handle

7. Fluffy Rainbow Colored Owl Obsession Blanket – Add White parts and sew together

8. A Rainbow Infinity Scarf that i’m designing – Make 85% of it, and get pattern tested, publish pattern

9. A crocheted bag that i’m designing – make 50% of it, and get pattern tested, publish pattern

10. Lafayette Scarf – Finish other 50% of it (I’m using 1 skein instead of 2, I think, for a scarf instead of shawl)

11. Blue Serenity Blanket – Finish the last 25%

12. Waterfall Blanket – Finish last 40%

13. Jude Bag – Just Add Lining!!

14. Cabled Slipper Boots – Make 1 foot, and 2 tops

15. Color Block Blanket – Make the other 50% of the squares and sew together

16. Cool Kid Cowl – Knit 20% more and Finish off


There’s more, but I think you get the picture for now!! This isn’t even including the ones I WANT to make – That’s another list in and of itself.. maybe you’ll get to see that sometime too!


Stick around, you’ll be seeing a lot of progress/ finishing pictures of these projects and more soon!


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Awesome Spring Giveaway!!

Spring Collage

I’ve just started a new giveaway for my Etsy shop!! Springtime means lots of new products will be coming, and the weather is starting to get nice again- but still a bit nippy! Things coming soon to the shop: Summer scarves, headbands, purses, more styles of phone cases, and more!

Check it out:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Look! Something Shiny!

This is basically how I feel When I see new knitting projects (It’s Finding Nemo, go look. You know you want to).

Today I’m going to show you just a few and I do emphasize few of my current works in progress (WIPs). Last time I counted, there were 33– just free information, and so you know where I’m coming from.

My current favorite is the Elizabeth Shawl which, when finished, will be my first completed lace shawl. It currently looks like this: 50%pic3

Next, we have the ever popular Beekeeper’s Quilt which requires me to make about 1,000 of these: Hexisample tardispuff

Currently, I’ve got just over 200, and have been working at them for about 8 months. Yup. Got a while to go on this one.

There’s two baby blanket projects that you can’t see yet, just know they’re baby blanket sized, and projects 🙂

An owl scarf that got started forever ago, improvised from a sock pattern. owliescarfpretty, right? It’s really almost done.. I just have to get around to finishing it, which would also free up my favorite #3 straights.

Then there’s the blankie as it’s popularly known, which hasn’t grown since the last time I posted about it, which was.. 3 (?) years ago? I’d have to go back and look to actually find out how long it’s been. sockblankie2_2014 right. looks the same.

These are just the ongoing projects. I have at least 3-4 other blankets/afghans that are in progress, a fingering weight sweater that i’ve somehow managed not to take any pictures of even though all it needs is sleeves (the pattern is Darling Emma by Joji Locatelli, by the way, whose designs I love  if you’ve never looked at her designs, GO NOW!! i’ll wait for you to come back with all of them in your to-make list), and literally at least 10-12 projects that i’ve decided aren’t working out that I need to completely frog. ugh.

Here’s my problem. Ravelry has the lovely thing called a pattern database, where all these inspiring new patterns keep popping up. Then, I look at a ball of yarn and my knitter’s brain sees it as a finished project that I still need to design. Then, as if those two weren’t enough, the Ravelry forums contain tons of people who are making even more beautiful things, and I want to


whew. My goal for this year is to get my WIP pile down to 10. We’ll see how that goes. Continually casting on new projects is not helping my problem at all!