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A Whale of a Cowl


I’m very pleased to announce that “A Whale of A Cowl” Is now live on Ravelry, and available for download!

{Link to Ravelry Pattern Page}

I’m quite pleased with this one – it comes in sizes all the way from the little 23″ cowl you see pictured, to a whopping 68″

“whale of a cowl” hehe. Get it? It’s the sister pattern to “A Whale of a Scarf,” which I published a couple years ago.

It’s been fully test knit, and i’m loving making it myself – I’ve already made two, and will likely be making more soon! I made the second to smallest version in about 1 day, so it really is a quick project!

I was going to post pictures of my WIPs, but my camera decided to die while I was outside taking a million pictures of my little guy watching a lawn mower. You’ll see pictures. It’s adorable. I couldn’t help myself.

Here’s the WIP status right now: (remember my handy dandy spreadsheet? I can’t find it on my computer! ahhhh!)

  • Giraffe Mittens: Need to weave in ends on one mitten, and photograph the pair (see aforementioned camera issue)
  • Galilee Slippers & Juliet Mitts for a friend: Not yet started. Supposed to give them to her Saturday, 10/11. Right.
  • Urban Jungle Slouchy for mom’s b-day: b-day is tomorrow, “party” on sunday. I’ve started the brim of the hat.
  • TARDIS blanket: supposed to cast on this week. Likely not happening yet.
  • Design project. That’s all i’m telling you.
  • Second Design project. Also that’s all i’m telling you. Secrets will be unveiled in the future.. {mysterious music}
  • Silk and Lace drawstring bag: side 1 totally complete. Side 2 75% complete.. then I ran out of thread. More is on order.
  • Cotton Flowery Cruise Purse: Outside totally done. Flowers in the works. Need to sew in lining.

Whew. This is only like 10% of what i’m planning on making/working on, but it’ll do for now!

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Hannah’s Honeycomb Infinity Scarf- Free Knitting Pattern

Hannah’s Honeycomb Infinity Scarf


-US 11 needles (I used Knit Picks interchangeable circulars)

-Worsted weight yarn held double, I used Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted

            (approx 292 yds/5.75 oz, which is about 1.44 skeins)

-You could probably substitute chunky weight yarn in the same yardage and get the same effect


8 sts/8.5 rows = 2 inches in Honeycomb Cable Stitch (unblocked and un-stretched)

Stitches you need to know:

K- Knit


C2L- Slip next stitch onto cable needle, hold to the front of work, knit next stitch, knit stitch off cable needle

C2R- Slip next stitch onto cable needle, hold to the back of work, knit next stitch, knit stitch off cable needle

Honeycomb Cable Stitch:

Row 1: (C2R, C2L) across

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: (C2L, C2R) across

Row 4: Purl

To Begin:

-CO 36 sts with your favorite cast on method (I used the cabled cast on)

-Work in Honeycomb Cable Stitch for approximately 26 inches

(for me this was 28 pattern repeats)

-Make sure you end after working either Row 1, or Row 3

-Cast off on the wrong side (purl side) of your work, making sure to leave a long tail (about 3’) for sewing up.

-Sew both ends of the cowl together

-Finish off and weave in ends.

::I chose not to block mine, because it is thick/tall enough as it is. If you choose to block acrylic, I would recommend steam blocking instead of wet blocking::


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