Some questions pop up more often than others. Check out these answers, and if you don’t see your question answered, please comment or email me!

Q1: What is “Fingering Weight” yarn, and were do I find it in the store?

A1: Fingering Weight yarn is a light weight yarn that is commonly used for socks or Spring/Fall weather accessories. If you are buying yarn that has a number on the label, fingering weight yarn is a #1 weight yarn.

Q2: If the label says “sock yarn” and it has a #2 on the back of the label, which one is right?

A2: #2 is sport weight yarn. #1 is fingering weight, #2 is sport weight, #3 is dk weight, #4 is worsted to aran weight, #5 is chunky weight, #6 is super bulky weight, and #7 is jumbo. When in doubt, see if your yarn has about the same yardage per ounces (or meters per grams, whichever you use to measure).

Q3: What do the numbers in parentheses mean in your patterns, and how do I know which number to use?

A3: The numbers are a way to give instructions for multiple sizes of a pattern at the same time. At the beginning of the pattern, I will always list the sizes in this format: Small (medium, large). This means that when you see the numbers 6 (8, 10) that means if you are working Small, use 6. If you are working Medium, use 8, if you are using Large, use 10. These are just sample numbers; the correct ones will be in the pattern.