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There’s Discussion about Direct Sales Going on in Social Media Right Now..


There were a couple of very rude articles posted on multiple blogs, and the internet is in a tizzy over the nastiness of one blogger in particular. Before you dismiss what I’m going to say, please hear me out; I’m not going to bash anyone. What i’m posting below is a comment I wrote on a blog post defending direct sales reps.

While I am a “momtrepreneur” myself (not for a DS company – my own), and understand the nature of direct sales companies, I also think that the completely legitimate feelings of people who feel harassed by the continual requests (for parties, sales, etc to be hosted) from consultants need to be accepted as valid. I don’t hate DS consultants, nor do I feel that they are bad people [whose goal is] to exploit others.

The reality, however, is that many people do not want to buy these products for a variety of reasons. I understand that you can “just say no” but it gets old to “just say no” to the very large number of people who continually request the hosting of sales parties. Direct sales is a trend right now, so as a result I know many consultants for the same companies. Saying no to one doesn’t guarantee that another consultant from the same company won’t ask you [for the same thing you just turned down]. It gets to a point where I feel guilty for saying no – to a product I don’t want, need, or have the disposable income to pay for.

I am genuinely sorry for the hurt feelings caused by the rude articles, as I feel that intelligent adults should express themselves with much more intelligence and respect, and without name calling. To some extent however, the core message is something that needs to be expressed: I’m tired of getting asked to spend money on direct sales companies. Saying no does not prevent me from getting added to Facebook groups, getting requests for parties from consultants i’ve met both personally and professionally, and it doesn’t keep me from being made to feel guilty or like a bad friend just because I don’t want or need to spend money on non-essentials.

I have no doubts that these companies work, and that many of the consultants are genuine individuals trying to support their families. I simply am tired of just saying no.

So here’s the deal.

If you want to be a direct sales rep, good for you! Please also respect that if I want to purchase something I’ll come to you. Really. I will.

Also – did you notice the Cosby meme? Let’s lighten up, please! This isn’t a life or death matter, it certainly won’t affect my eternal soul, and it doesn’t sum up my views on feminism. It also doesn’t make me a “momtrepreneur” hater.

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Completed Things.

Remember how I said I finished some things??

Now I have pictures to prove it!

This pattern is a test for Tanja Luescher from Knitted in Switzerland designs.

Yarn: Paton’s Lace in the colorway Bonfire (a personal favorite! I just love the color combination!)

Yardage: 672 yds

Weight: a little over 4 ounces

Measurements: 180 cm wide, 72 cm long (that’s about 62×27″)

I couldn’t decide which photo I liked best, so I’m showing you all of them!


Like the finished product? It’s available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/229887886/luxury-medium-weight-knit-ombre-shawl-or?

Project #2: a little corner to corner blanket

Yardage: 492 yds

Yarn: I think it’s Red Heart Boutique Treasure – I LOVE the squishiness of this yarn – you don’t usually find that in an acrylic yarn. I don’t know what it is for sure, though, since it was in a mill end bag at Jo-Ann’s.

Size: 27″ Square – just a little snuggly blanket!

rainbow1 Rainbow2

Like the finished product? It’s available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/229887607/ooak-bright-rainbow-snuggle-blanket?

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No Photos yet, but I just wanted to share my progress with you!!

This morning I frogged 8 WIPS!!! I also re-arranged my WIPs so I can see what I really have left.

So, that’s a big deal.

Also, last night I finished and blocked my first shawl ever, wove in the ends on a second shawl, a sweater, and a blanket, and i’m really excited! I’m on a roll here – I’m really enjoying finishing up projects, because I have such a super huge list of things I want to make.

It’s actually really freeing to look at a project, realize you’re really not interested, not going to make it, and to just frog it!

My de-stash is going well too. I’ve given away over 8lbs of yarn, which means I’ve probably gotten rid of over 5,000 yds.

Destash totals (I only tally yardage once a project is 100% finished, including blocking and weaving in ends):

April 2015 (so far): -1,165 yds

YTD Yards Used: -9,371

YTD Yards bought: +4,000

Net Yds: -5,371 (woo hoo!!)

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Today has been one of those uber busy, non-creative, mom is running errands type of days.

Little Bear had to go to the allergist (food allergies! yay!!..), which went amazingly well, I mailed out some de-stash yarn, which was a total plus (hooray for more space!!), and then had lunch with my mama… before going food shopping.

Plenty of normal everyday type stuff, but then I received an e-mail from a hospital I asked about making baby hats for, and was told that the need lapghans/small afghans for cancer patients, and those undergoing chemo treatments. It kind of puts things in perspective, when you realize that those who are stuck in the hospital with a prolonged illness would love to have the day I just had.  I’m tired, but they’re exhausted from fighting for their lives.

Guess my day was pretty good after all – I got to spend it with a happy, smiling Little Bear, and got to see my mama!

Tomorrow is surgery day, so I won’t be around tomorrow, and likely won’t be around for a couple days after that. Prayers are welcome (it’s just a minor hernia repair – nothing crazy!), as always.

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Flash Your Stash 2015

A few years ago a tradition of “flashing your stash” was created, and if you weren’t aware of it before, it can be a really fun way to keep track of the yarn & projects you have. It’s kind of like spring cleaning for knitting and crocheting people, especially since we seem to be prone to amassing large quantities of yarn without realizing it, because it’s just so darn pretty!

Here’s my stash flash for this year:

Sport-super bulky




So. Obviously something needs to change. I’ve already come to that realization (see the post below about changes being made over this summer), but doing this stash flash confirmed it for me. I’ve obviously gotten into the habit of just buying yarn because it’s pretty, starting projects, and not finishing very many of them. These aren’t really character traits I want to be known for; I would rather be someone who exercises self control, and finishes what she starts. Therefore, I will be working SOLELY from what is in these pictures for the foreseeable future. There’s absolutely no rational reason why I shouldn’t use what I have and finish the projects I’ve already started. I’m really excited to show you all progress photos as these goals are achieved!!

Have you done a stash flash yet this year? What does it look like, and what did you learn from it?