Having Patterns Tested Before Publication

I’ve been beginning to attempt more pattern writing, both for knitting and crochet, and i’ve run into a snag: finding reliable pattern testers. There’s a group on Ravelry called The Testing Pool, where i’ve posted a few patterns for testing, and thus far

This pattern got one tester: Full Pair

This pattern got none: Love on Fire


And This pattern got some:  Deck1

but I’ve been having problems with some of the people who were testing! One wanted to tell me how to write a pattern, and went so far as to post her own version of part of it, then dropped out of the test (or so I assume, because she now has ceased all contact. Super professional.), some are asking for more time, which is fine, and another just informed me that she has to take paid work (which she got offered right after committing to my test, but didn’t inform me), so she’ll not be finishing the test for me as previously committed, “best wishes.” I understand needing to do paying work, but it’s still frustrating to have people not honor their word! I’m fed up. So now these people just get the pattern for free, without fulfilling their commitments? I guess that’s what I get for working with a free testing group.

Has anyone that designs or writes patterns had them tested for free (or paid) with any amount of success? Please – let me know!


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