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Business Name Poll – And there’s perks!!!


Edit (6/2/14): ok, i’m down to two name options! Please remember, I’m a “young mom with kids/ grandmoms” store.

Edit (5/31/14): I just found out that one of the options I was considering changing my name to has been taken, so i’m going to remove it from the poll 😦


Ok, so I’ve been researching a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff trying to figure out whether I want to keep my business name or change it. My Etsy Shop Right Now will give you a good idea of the products I sell if you don’t know.

So here’s the incentive:

If I end up choosing your chosen business name (and actually change my business name to it, because i’ve decided to go for it)

You get 50% off any one item from my shop!

Here’s how I know which one you voted for: you comment your vote right after you use the poll! (If you want to tell me why you chose the option you did, that would be SOOO helpful!)

Why am I not just doing a comment poll? Because I like the fancy little thing below with the cool choices, that adds up the percentages for me!


Rules!! You can only vote once, for a maximum of 2 business names.

At least 30 people must vote for me to consider this valid, so share with your friends!

Announcement of the poll winner (the business name that got the most votes) will be announced Saturday, June 7, 2014.

Decision of whether or not I will change my business name will be announced by Saturday, June 14, 2014 (or perhaps sooner if I get antsy!)




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Too Many Choices

I’ve come to the (rather obvious) conclusion that there are just too many blogging/site hosting platforms out there for me to choose from, and it’s getting annoying. All I want to do is have a blog, potentially link patterns I write and projects I make, and maybe, eventually, register my own domain name and sell finished work from it.

I tried blogging on here for a little (and I do mean little) while, tried a month on Indie Made (without much success) and am just tired of trying all these new things.

Blogger was easy, but didn’t look professional

This is a little more difficult, but isn’t really conducive to selling finished work (from what I understand – I may just be wrong)

Indie Made is great for selling, but the blog look sucks, and you have to add your own tracking with Google analytics – plus you have to pay monthly for hosting, and I’m just not there yet, because I’m still working on things like SEO and building my product line. Even as I type this, I know that my SEO sucks and not many people will even see this post.


Bleh. I guess i’m coming back here for a while, because I made ZERO sales on Indiemade, and i’m not paying for something I don’t make money off of (right now, anyway)


With that said, I’ll be back to blog here probably 3 times a week (that’s my goal) and I’m still selling work on Etsy in case you’re interested

Anybody have experiences you can share? I’m obviously befuddled and frustrated. Thank you if you kept reading this angsty little rant to the end. Thank you even more (I’d give you a cookie and a gold star if I could) if you actually comment!