Chevron Phone Case- Pattern Review and Adaptations

One of my favorite things about knitting and crocheting is that there’s an abundance of things you can make with just one pattern. For example, the Chevron Cuff  by Tamara Kelly from This is an awesome pattern for a cuff bracelet, but as I was looking for a phone case pattern, I decided to make it into one because I love the chevrons so much!


Here’s what I did-

Using Lily Sugar’n Cream and a D hook (4.25mm), I followed the pattern exactly until except for these mods:

  • . How To 1On the last white stripe: on the first row, instead of doing the 3 sc in the middle st, chained 3, skipped the stitch you would normally work the 3sc in, and then continued on as normal
  •   How To 2NEXT ROW when I got to the ch 3 spot, I worked 5 sc in it, then kept going as per pattern.
  • I then worked a slip stitch border around the entire piece in blue How To 3
  • When I got to the end of the round, instead of doing a slip stitch join, I did an invisible join as per Moogly teachings and DID NOT FINISH OFF, but rather cut the yarn with a long enough tail that I could sew up one side of the case How To 4
  • I then folded the piece, right sides together, until the bottom two points just reached the lowest points of the last blue stripe How To 5
  • Sewed up both sides. If you are going to do this, always turn your work right side out and make sure your seam looks good before you cut your yarn and weave in the ends! There’s nothing uglier than a sloppy whipstitch seam!
  • Sew in ends, turn right side out, add button to appropriate spot, viola! Phone case!

This fits my HTC Inspire very snuggly, and my brother-in-law’s iPhone 4s loosely- Check it out:


Overall pattern rating: 5/5

Changes I would make: none! I loved this!

Recommended? Absolutely! This is a very easy pattern (the Moogly one, not just my adaptation), and it’s a great way to get into making chevrons. This is essentially a chevron swatch!

Thank you again to Tamara for an awesome pattern!

This phone case is also for sale here, at my Etsy store!

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