Look! Something Shiny!

This is basically how I feel When I see new knitting projects (It’s Finding Nemo, go look. You know you want to).

Today I’m going to show you just a few and I do emphasize few of my current works in progress (WIPs). Last time I counted, there were 33– just free information, and so you know where I’m coming from.

My current favorite is the Elizabeth Shawl which, when finished, will be my first completed lace shawl. It currently looks like this: 50%pic3

Next, we have the ever popular Beekeeper’s Quilt which requires me to make about 1,000 of these: Hexisample tardispuff

Currently, I’ve got just over 200, and have been working at them for about 8 months. Yup. Got a while to go on this one.

There’s two baby blanket projects that you can’t see yet, just know they’re baby blanket sized, and projects 🙂

An owl scarf that got started forever ago, improvised from a sock pattern. owliescarfpretty, right? It’s really almost done.. I just have to get around to finishing it, which would also free up my favorite #3 straights.

Then there’s the blankie as it’s popularly known, which hasn’t grown since the last time I posted about it, which was.. 3 (?) years ago? I’d have to go back and look to actually find out how long it’s been. sockblankie2_2014 right. looks the same.

These are just the ongoing projects. I have at least 3-4 other blankets/afghans that are in progress, a fingering weight sweater that i’ve somehow managed not to take any pictures of even though all it needs is sleeves (the pattern is Darling Emma by Joji Locatelli, by the way, whose designs I love  if you’ve never looked at her designs, GO NOW!! i’ll wait for you to come back with all of them in your to-make list), and literally at least 10-12 projects that i’ve decided aren’t working out that I need to completely frog. ugh.

Here’s my problem. Ravelry has the lovely thing called a pattern database, where all these inspiring new patterns keep popping up. Then, I look at a ball of yarn and my knitter’s brain sees it as a finished project that I still need to design. Then, as if those two weren’t enough, the Ravelry forums contain tons of people who are making even more beautiful things, and I want to


whew. My goal for this year is to get my WIP pile down to 10. We’ll see how that goes. Continually casting on new projects is not helping my problem at all!


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