Phillies and Ponchos

Mama and I are heading to a Phillies game tonight- part of a large and wonderful Christmas gift from my sister.





Chooch is my favorite 🙂













Also, it may rain, so I have to go out and get ponchos for my mother’s sanity…

Have I mentioned how creepy ponchos are?

I’m not excited at this prospect.

I think i’d rather be soaked than sit in a plastic sheet with a hood on it.

Alas, i’m off to Target (read Tar-jay)!


Coffee, A Breeze, and other delectable treats

Today I did something wonderful…

I woke up without an alarm clock!

I got up on my own,

When I wanted to.

Oh happy day!

Oh happy




By the way, did I mention that i’ve been doing 3 weeks of “practicum” teaching? Yeah, i’ve been getting to teach poetry and literature to wonderful kids in grades 6-8.

Yeah. Poetry.

Today I get to go back and watch 7th and 8th graders do their first poetry slam ever!

Spoken Word Poetry is what i’m talking about, in case any of you are missing out on this wonderful thing.

I think it is now my favorite form of poetry.. or at least tied for first.


Also, i’m sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand as a cool breeze drifts through my window. It’s June, and a cool breeze is drifting.

Oh happy, happy, day 🙂